There’s so much to do!

The many beaches

Gazipasa, Mahmutlar, Alanya? Which beach will you choose? Sunbathing, jetskis, swimming… You know what to do!

Water Parks

There are several water parks around! We can recommend Gazipasa Aqua Park and buying a day pass for Utopia World Aqua Park

Dimcayi restauants

Have a Kahvalti style breakfast, smoke a hookah, and the brave dive into the cold cold water! Also if you don’t go in the water it’s a great way to refresh as it’s up the mountain and the river water makes for a comfortable environment.

An ancient city, founded in 170AD, 20km East from Gazipasa. Due to the archeological dig that has been ongoing since the late 90s there is alot to see. The university of Nebraska USA have been excavating all around this place for years and its well worth a visit to see what they have uncovered.

In 2018, latrine mosaics with dirty jokes about Narcissus and Ganymede were discovered in Antiochia ad Cragum

The Kızıl Kule (Red Tower) rises above the city of Alanya and is considered to be the city’s symbol. The view from the top is amazing. The view from the cable car to the top is well worth it!

Mamure Castle

Archaeological evidence shows that the site housed a late Roman city, which was built in the 3rd or 4th century A.D. The Byzantines and the Crusaders subsequently had castles on the site. 
The Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I captured the castle in 1221, and had it rebuilt in its present form. It has 3 courtyards and 39 towers, and is surrounded by a moat full of turtles.
In one courtyard there is an ancient mosque with a minaret. It was built by Mehmet Bey of the Karamanogullari clan, in 1300-1308. It is still open for prayer. The ruins of a bathhouse are on the opposite side of the courtyard.

The many markets

The markets are a curiosity on their own. At most markets you can find spices, loads of fruits vegetables, but also for example clothing, jewelry and leatherware. 

Mahmutlar has two markets worth a visit, on Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday is more touristic with more clothing and leather goods, but also offers fruits and vegetables. You’ll find it at the East end of Barbaros street. The market on Saturday is in the center of Mahtmular and can easily be found. It focuses on fruits and vegetables, but you’ll find all sorts of stalls. Don’t forget to haggle!


A Turkish style breakfast (Kahvalti) is amazing! Most restaurants offer this option. For around 25 lira per person they’ll fill the whole table with snacks. You’ll also get unlimited tea with the breakfast.

Alanyapark Karting

Near the Dim you can kart indoors! It’s a smaller track, but loads of turns and loads of fun!

Gold Cable Park

Waterskiiing, wakeboarding or you can even rent a flyboard! All sorts of fun activities at Gold Cable Park in Kargicak.


There are many caves around! For example Damlataş Cave. It’s quite small, but worth a visit. During WWII the Germans hid here, and every morning from 6 to 10 asthma sufferers spend four hours for 21 days in a row as a cure. 

The Dim Cave is much larger and more impressive, but doesn’t come with asthma healing claims.


Shop till you drop! Especially Mahmutlar and Alanya offer an almost endless supply of shops. Especially the amount of bags is astonishing!

The museum is divided into two sections, with displays of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. It contains numerous ceramic, marble, bronze and glass pieces and mosaics from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.


The theater of Aspendos is one of the Roman Empire’s greatest remaining pieces of architecture. In the summer this amazing building hosts the annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival. It’s a wonderful chance to experience the acoustics of this ancient theater.

Besides the theater don’t miss out on the acropolis and the aqueduct!